Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless

There are 12 elements that make great service possible.  None of which have ever been taught in school.

  1. Establishing and maintaining a positive attitude;
  2.  Establishing and achieving goals;
  3.  Understanding yourself, your co-workers and your customer;
  4.  Having pride in yourself, your company and what you do;
  5.  Taking responsibility for your actions, what happens to you, and the success of your company;
  6.  Listening with the intent to understand;
  7.  Communicating to be understood;
  8.  Embracing change as a natural progression of things and of life;
  9.  Establishing, building and maintaining relationships;
  10.  Gaining the ability to make effective decisions (which means taking risks);
  11.  Learning to serve others in a memorable way; and
  12.  Working as a team to make everyone more productive.

In order to serve—you must be prepared to serve.

How important are each of these subjects in your success?

 Have you ever taken a course in any of these subjects?