It has been reported that snakes are on the increase.  Keep your eyes open and watch carefully when walking around outside.

What Snake Is That?     Watch for these snakes in the different areas….

    • South West Queensland (You can also check other areas of the State from this page.)


    • Be smart and Read more you could safe a life!
      • Call medical help immediately if possible.
      • Remain calm, remember most snake bites are not fatal.
      • What type of snake was it?  Colour?  Length?
      • Minimise movement if possible. If you are hiking alone you may have to hike out for help.
      • If bitten on the arm or finger remove rings, bracelets or watches. Loosen any tight clothing in case swelling occurs.
      • Apply a pressure bandage to the bitten limb. If the bite is to the trunk, head or neck, apply firm pressure to the bitten area.
      • Do not restrict chest movement as breathing will be affected by this.
      • Splint or use a sling on the bitten limb to restrict movement.
    • A suggested site for general first aid.


If you see a snake close to your house:

  • Do not approach the snake – Most snakebites occur when people try to catch and kill them
  • Keep pets away from the area – Dogs and cats may be curious or aggressive towards snakes
  • Watch it from a safe vantage point – Ideally watch it from an elevated platform
  • Contact a qualified person to remove the snake – If possible have somebody other than the designated ‘snake spotter’ make the phone call