Before Surgery 

God, into your hands I give myself fully today.

Work your healing  through the skilled hands

of the surgeons and nurses,

Give me the courage and the faith

to know that your will is being done through their real care and attention.

Allow me the true comfort of your presence.

Grant that I may be restored to health

so that I may serve you and others.

Let my life and my love reflect the love that you have given me.    Amen

Following Surgery

God you who are the greatest healer,

I thank you for your watchful care over me in my hours of crisis.

Help me to regain my health and be with me during my recovery.

Strengthen me and keep me cheerful.

Help me to bear with patience and fortitude whatever pain I may have.

May I always be aware of your comforting presence

and may I always be thankful for your divine gift of life.   Amen.