Dragonfly, Health and Wellness Retreat,  ‘embracing the balance and gift of life’

The date of the next retreat:

  • TBC.

Background: It has been identified that during the hard times, people put off going to see doctors and, because of the distance and cost of petrol, do not travel to access health care services that we in the city take for granted. In many cases it is the woman who keeps the family together and she wears many hats – wife, mother, daughter, farm hand, counselor, accountant, first aid officer and vet all in one. Although these women do not complain it is clear that they need time out to be refreshed and just to be!

Concept: Dragonfly is a 3 day, 2 night retreat with a health and wellness focus. All expenses paid. Up to thirty women living and working on the land or in small rural communities are invited to attend the annual Dragonfly weekend. Registered medical and nursing personnel, tai chi and yoga trainers, dietician, counselors, pastoral carers and qualified therapists will provide input and support, and will be available for group and private conversations, provide referrals and/or follow-up after the retreat. There will be a guest speaker and entertainment after dinner on Saturday night.

Offered at no cost to the participants!!!

Dragonfly Retreat Participants

The beautiful Dragonfly of 2010

Comment from one of the attendees: It has been a blessing to share this time with other women. The organisation of such an event is a long term experience and I am so grateful to the coordinator for your time and energies. They have brought together specialists and other professionals to provide a renewal for the spirit, mind and body. I would like to wish all the women the very best as they leave to go home.