Author Marjorie Holmes

God gave me faith in myself,
not only on days when I’m going great and winning
and nothing seems impossible
but on days when the whole world looks lousy
and I’m losing and the road ahead seems too hard.
When I wonder if I’m brave enough, smart enough
and I must be crazy to try,
don’t let me quit Lord, not ever.

Let me keep the faith in myself.
No matter how many people
discourage me…
doubt me…
laugh at me…
warn me…
think me a fool…
Don’t let me listen.

Let me hear another voice telling me,
“You can do it and you will!”
If nobody else in this world gives a darn or believes in me,
let me believe in myself.

I know there’ll be times when I will doubt my own abilities,
when I’ll be discouraged and on the verge of despair,
don’t let me give up,
hang onto me.
Fan the fires so that I’ll try even harder.
Give me more faith in myself.

Dear Lord, you are the source of life and power.
You are the source of my abilities and my faith.
Thank you for reinforcements.
I know that you will give me for what I ask…
Faith in myself.