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It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to the website of Downs & West Community Support (DWCS), a ministry of Sisters of Charity Community Care Ltd ABN 39 093 448 410.

Since 1 May 2007, DWCS has offered encouragement and pastoral and practical support to individuals and families of the Downs, the Lockyer Valley, the Burnett and south-west Queensland. Initially we worked as the Downs and West Drought Appeal, which was concluded in September 2010 to make way for DWCS to more appropriately reflect the activities and work being carried out by the ministry.

In July 2014, DWCS became part of Sisters of Charity Community Care Ltd, an Australian Public Company Limited by Guarantee, which must account to the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission for its governance in general and its use of funds.

Sisters of Charity Community Care Ltd is governed by a board of five who are appointed by the Congregational Leader and her Council. The Board employs a part-time Executive Officer to manage the company and retains a part-time book keeper. There are no other staff costs. Sisters of Charity Community Care Ltd provides direct relief of suffering, distress, isolation, misfortune, destitution or helplessness by operating programs to serve the people of Australia without discrimination.  The company has two ministries at present: DWCS in Queensland and another operating in the remote and rural areas of New South Wales. Both ministries are dedicated to assisting people in country areas who are having a hard time due to drought, floods, fire, isolation, relative lack of health care and other services, and the general downturn in economic conditions in rural Australia. Click here to learn more about Sisters of Charity Community Care Ltd.

In responding to urgent and emerging needs, DWCS has always striven to reach out to the suffering as Jesus did:

“When you saw that I was isolated and alone you came and sat with me;

I was struggling and you extended a helping hand;

I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink;

I was naked and you gave me clothing…

just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family,

you did it to me.”

Matthew 25: 36, 40

DWCS is a ministry close to the heart of Mary Aikenhead, foundress of the Sisters of Charity. Like Mary Aikenhead, who responded to the needs of the poor in her time, we too are motivated by a sense of responsibility to communicate God’s love by word and concrete action through the provision of compassionate care and sharing available resources with those who are deemed to be amongst the neediest.

Sister Christine Henry rsc is our ‘person on the ground’ and she is the energy behind this ministry.

Your donations are always welcome as we cannot hope to support people without continuous financial assistance. Please click here to donate now.

Additionally, volunteers are always welcome as we work to establish working groups in various towns or areas of the South West. Information on volunteering is also available on this website. Please click here for more information.

Let us know your ideas or comments to help this supportive service blossom.

Annual Review for 2018-19

Time for Review

The 2018-19 DWCS Annual Review outlines the activities and initiatives undertaken by the support service.

Be prepared - it is SNAKE season!!

It is snake season again so please keep your eyes open and watch carefully when walking around outside.

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