A Morning Prayer 1

This is another day, another fresh start.

Thank you Loving God.

I don’t know what it will bring, but help me use it well.

Give me faith to meet its demands honestly;

Friendliness to share the pain and joy of others;

To separate what matters from what does not.

Help me to accept love.

As I begin this day with you,

let me live it and end it with you. Amen


A Morning Prayer 2

Loving God, as morning breaks,

I offer you praise for the gift of life.

I pray for the wisdom and strength of your Holy Spirit

so that I may be ready for whatever this day will bring.

Teach me to see Christ in everyone

with whom I will have contact today.

Grant me patience in pain

and the compassion to look beyond myself.

You are my strength, O God, I rely on you this day. Amen