Volunteers making a difference.....

Volunteers (both female and male) are an integral and meaningful part of Downs & West Community Support (DWCS) as we provide a range of support services to the Darling Downs - South West and the South Burnett regions.

There are many people in need, and whether you choose to donate your time, special skill, energy, enthusiasm or something else, the effort will be especially appreciated. The economic and destructive climatic conditions have brought extra stress to many, and volunteering is actually an ideal way to help alleviate some of that stress and tap into your more positive emotions. Volunteers freely choose their involvement without expectation of payment.

Those under the age of 16 years must be supervised by a teacher or parent.

Volunteer Responsibilities and Requirements:

A Volunteer is expected to:

  1. act in a manner consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values of the Sisters of Charity of Australia and DWCS;
  2. comply with all relevant DWCS policies and procedures;
  3. maintain confidentiality at all times;
  4. honour their commitment by being reliable and punctual. Volunteer hours would normally be between 9am - 3pm weekdays, with some limited weekend activities. Some activities could be done at home e.g. preparing for craft sales;
  5. have the required background checks. Some roles may require a Blue Card  (involving children) or a national crime check (having contact with everyone);
  6. have a Driver Licence (where appropriate).

DWCS Expectations and Responsibilities:

DWCS has the right to:

  1. expect volunteers to uphold and abide by the Mission, Vision and Values of Sisters of Charity of Australia and DWCS;
  2. engage volunteers based on the needs of DWCS and the skills and experience of volunteers; and
  3. expect volunteers to comply with workplace health and safety policies and procedures.

DWCS will:

  1. keep volunteer personal information files in a secure place;
  2. provide a safe environment for volunteer activities;
  3. involve volunteers in meaningful activities matched to their skill and capacity wherever possible;
  4. provide supervision by a co-ordinator;
  5. ensure policies and procedures that apply to volunteers are communicated to, understood and implemented by all volunteers with DWCS;
  6. recognise and value the contribution made by volunteers;
  7. provide opportunities for feedback;
  8. provide a roster for each volunteer when required; and
  9. maintain appropriate insurance cover for volunteers.

Click here for the DWCS Volunteer application form. This form is to be submitted together with a scanned copy of your driver licence, both back and front. If you have a Blue Card or the result of a national crime check, please send copies of these as well.

Activities undertaken by DWCS volunteers may include:


  • Serving on fundraising stalls;
  • Seeking out people with skills to sew, knit or crochet a variety of quality craft items for sale; and
  • Organising fundraising events in your local community, shopping center, school/college or parish.


  • Sorting, stacking, labeling, packing and wrapping items;
  • Collecting donated items as requested; and
  • Some computer work.


  • Preparing for and assisting at DWCS functions.

Words of gratitude from our volunteers:

  1. 'Thank you for having me as part of your team. For the first time in a long time I feel part of a group that cares for people regardless of their background and situation.'
  2. 'Giving back to the community is wonderful. I am feeling free and content with what I am able to offer your organisation and the people you assist. I hope I am able to help for many years to come.'
  3. 'Volunteering a few hours each week to crochet coat-hangers and t-towels means a lot to me because I know you appreciate my help in my aging years and the money raised is going to a great cause!'

Benefits of volunteering:


Did you know that you can reap many benefits from volunteering?

Read below to find out the benefits which you can gain from volunteering in your community.

Greater Health and Happiness. Whenever you step out of your own personal story and focus on being there for others, you will feel better, sleep better. It is extremely satisfying to do what you can to support others.

Meet new people. You gain greater self-confidence and expand your social circle.

Keep your skills active. You will learn more about your talents and strengths.

Develop and learn new skills. You will gain confidence in the skills you have to offer.

Connect with your community. You will be connecting with those in need in your immediate area. You will learn what your community needs and help to find ways to meet those needs. You may meet new friends in the process.

Options for a career. If you volunteer in your career field, you will make your resume look more well rounded. If you are changing fields and your volunteer work is in the field you are moving to, it can be considered experience. In general, employers like to see that you are a volunteer because it means that you are willing to work, have compassion, and are a team player.

Give back to the community. This is an opportunity to pat yourself on the back for helping somebody.

Gain feelings of accomplishment. You will genuinely feel better knowing you helped make life better for others.

Set a good example for others to follow. You set a good example for those around you. One person can make a difference, but when that difference is multiplied, it can be life changing. When you show family and friends how fulfilling volunteering can be, you set the example for them to follow.


A tribute to volunteers: (Author unknown)

  • Valuable is the work you do,
  • Outstanding in how you always come through,
  • Loyal, sincere and full of good cheer,
  • Untiring in your efforts throughout the year,
  • Notable are the contributions you make,
  • Trustworthy in every project you take,
  • Eager to reach your every goal,
  • Effective in the way you fulfill your role,
  • Ready with a smile like a shining star,
  • Special and wonderful - that's what you are!