It is with great pleasure that we welcome your interest in Downs & West Community Support, which is a ministry of Sisters of Charity Community Care LTD ABN 39 093 448 410.

DWCS offers encouragement and practical support to our neighbours in rural and remote Queensland who are severely affected by climatic changes and other matters outside of their control.

We are motivated by a sense of responsibility to provide compassionate care and to share our resources as far as possible.

Since 1st May 2007 we have had a presence with the people on farms and in towns in South West Queensland as they faced the harshness of prolonged drought.

During that time we worked as the Downs and West Drought Appeal, which concluded in September 2010. With the coming of the floods in 2011 the focus of our support has been to help people in the towns and on the farms cope with the extremes of climate change.

Sister Christine Henry rsc is our ‘person on the ground’ and she is the energy behind this ministry.

Your donations are always welcome as we cannot hope to support people without continuous financial assistance.

You can use the information on this website to make a donation.

Volunteers are always welcome as we work to establish working groups in various towns or areas of the South West. Information on volunteering is also available on this website.

Let us know your ideas or comments to help this supportive service blossom.




Please read the 2016-17 DWCS Annual Review.