Offered at no cost, these days enable rural women to meet together and to participate in enjoyable and interesting activities which are aimed to educate about self care and available support services.
The women experience the companionship, support, and encouragement of others living through similar circumstances.

The Mobile Health Nurse offers participants a pap smear. Relaxation therapist are available all day providing back and shoulder massage, reflexology, head massage and circulation booster. The women also have an experience of either Tai Chi or Yoga and some fun dance movements.

There are numerous lucky door prizes to be won and other lovely surprises.

Working in collaboration with other organisations, these days are held on the Downs, the South West and Burnett areas.

Dates to be confirmed: Approx 15 days will be organised at a variety of locations.

Comment from one of the attendees: ‘You really took care of us. I felt so humbled to be treated with respect and to be given all those goodies during the day. We have a wonderful time and you made us feel so special’. This comment is similar to what we receive from the women.